It is recommended that a survey of fire extinguishers should be carried out to ensure adequate provision.

Firefighting Equipment should be provided in accordance with B.S. 5306-8 (Selection and Installation of portable fire extinguishers – Code of practice) and the following information is given for guidance only:

  • One 13 A rated extinguisher should be provided per 200 sq. metres of floor area.
  • A minimum of two 13 A rated extinguishers should be provided per storey (one is acceptable if the floor area is under 100 sq. metres)
  • Additional extinguishers should be provided to cover specific risks such as electrical appliances, flammable liquids etc.
  • A user should have to travel no more than 30 metres to reach an extinguisher.
  • Extinguishers should be sited in uniform places in premises, preferably on, or close to, escape routes.
  • Extinguishers should not be sited so close to the risk that a fire would prevent their use. (i.e. in electricity cupboards).
  • Extinguishers should only be used by people who have received sufficient training.



How Many Fire Extinguishers do I need?